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What is a geometra?

A geometra does not have an exact equivalent in English.
He is a kind of hybrid of an architect, a surveyor and a works manager.
By taking on all 3 roles there are significant savings on professional fees.
In other words, instead of paying 3 professionals, it is necessary to pay only one.

I found a property far from the Monferrato area; can you help me with the house renovation?

Studio Bistolfi can support clients and follow house renovations in all of North-West Italy.

I found an interesting property but I’m not sure if the price requested is reasonable?

Studio Bistolfi can provide house and vineyard technical estimations.
If you are interested in business activities geometra Bistolfi can evaluate profits and costs of winery and farming activities.

Can I renovate my house without being in Italy?

Provided your specifications are very clear at the start of the project, monthly visits to your house should be adequate during the early stages. Otherwise you may find that work stops when important decisions need to be made, thus extending the time of the project.

How much time does a renovation usually take?

It is difficult to generalise but most renovation projects are completed within 6 months to a year, depending on the scale of the project.

Where do I find competent craftsmen?

There are several possibilities depending on how “hands on” you wish to be.
At one extreme you can select only the geometra, and then let him choose all the craftsmen for you.
At the other extreme you can select the plumber, the electrician, the ground worker, the tiler, the window-maker, the painter/decorator, etc, etc. yourself - and let the geometra coordinate the communications among them all.
Studio Bistolfi has a wealth of experience in this field and is used to helping clients find the best craftsmen in the region.